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Are Women Consuming More Cannabis than Men or Just Talking About It More?

Anne-Marie December 12, 2018

A study conducted by researchers at Dank Geek seeking to determine whether people were talking more about cannabis or alcohol on social media revealed some interesting trends about cannabis.

There are some pockets of the social media world where it’s evident that women are dominating and leading the pack on cannabis consumption over men… or at least they’re just talking about it more.  So let’s dig in.  Are women consuming more cannabis than men?

Are Women Using More Cannabis Than Men?

It’s hard to determine the measures that would exactly drill down who is using cannabis through social media, but the Dank Geek data revealed that women in Hawaii, Arkansas, Missouri, West Virginia, and Wyoming are tweeting about cannabis more frequently than men on social media.

Shockingly, in Missouri of all states, where cannabis is not legal, the disparity was 64% of women talking about cannabis on Twitter, and only 36% of men.

What Does This Mean?

This data doesn’t show how the amount of cannabis consumed differs between men and women, but it does perhaps indicate that more women are willing to be forthcoming in their cannabis use. Through this, they contribute to a de-stigmatization of cannabis in the lives of women, and help advance the industry through sharing the positive lifestyle and health benefits of cannabis.

Sadly more women showing up on social media could also mean that we’re still seeing the whole babes and buds in bikinis culture continue to thrive in cannabis culture online.

It’s important to also to note that women are 7% more likely to use social media than men, which could contribute to why Dank Geek saw these results.

What Other Data Reveals Differences in Cannabis Use Between Genders?

Data analytics has taken a strong hold in the cannabis industry, with point of sale (POS) systems, loyalty programs, and use tracking apps contributing to an ecosystem where we can use data to understand people’s needs and improve the overall industry.

Headset is a data analytics company that collects data from dispensaries and retailers across legal states to develop trends and reports on cannabis retail.

One report broke down sales by generation of cannabis products. While males dominated the overall industry in cannabis sales, women of the Baby Boomer generation proved to be the strongest generation of women pursuing cannabis retail over any other age group of women.

Another Headset report on vaporizing for the platform’s subscribers indicated that men are more likely to purchase vaporizers than women, with men accounting for 64% of all vaporizer purchases. So are men actually buying more cannabis?

A report about consumer behavior in cannabis released by Cannabis Consumers Coalition highlighted that the data always has a story behind it and potential to change to reveal new trends. The gap in cannabis consumption between men and women is closing; the purchasing power of women as decision-makers in the households is increasing profits for cannabis retailers, and that market data retrieved from the legal markets don’t always reveal actual cannabis consumption trends (read: some people are still quite comfortable in grey and black markets).

Serious Woman Power in Cannabis

Whether the data leans towards women being the largest contributors to legal cannabis in terms of dollars and bottom lines, women power is strong and seriously vibing in cannabis.

Women’s communities around cannabis are thriving, with publications like Marylyn, Oov Lifestyle, and Canndora being just a few who are channeling the power of the THC-fuelled woman.

Health care is being revolutionized, beauty is being changed, and attitudes towards the “war on drugs” are being challenged by the leadership of women in cannabis.

Whether the dollar amount and consumer data stacks in our favor, women are taking a huge slice of the cannabis pie, using the power of womanhood for camaraderie, education, sharing, and enjoying the power of the plant together.

Putting Our Best Face Forward

If we’re showing up in the social media space in favor of advancing the role of cannabis, it’s important we make our impact count.

As Oov Lifestyle puts it in an article examining representations of women in the industry, let’s start “replacing bikini-clad women with the power-suit corporate vaping gal, swapping the buds on a tight ass with buds next to her computer as she powers through her day, and changing the blunt smoking club girl for the mom who microdoses cannabis edibles to help her bring focus to her day.”

We are women in cannabis, who love cannabis! Hear us roar… after we take a hit of our best motivating cannabis strain from our favorite bong.


Anne-Marie Fischer has been a lifelong writer and has found a full-time niche in cannabis writing and education since 2016. Originally from Sarnia, Ontario, Anne-Marie spent many years developing her academic craft, finally earning a Master of Education where data, information and learning became her focus. After spending a decade within research and higher education environments building research and engagement partnerships across the globe, she turned to full-time writing and education for the cannabis industry. Anne-Marie currently resides in Nanaimo, British Columbia. When she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out with her chihuahua and best friend Roky Rex.

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