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How to Find Jobs in the Cannabis Industry

Trinity December 11, 2018

In the modern marijuana industry, nothing stands still for long. Businesses keep growing, new technologies keep emerging and cannabis profits are rising every year. Yet, many people still view the industry as an informal journey into traditional business.  This leads many to wonder how to find jobs in the cannabis industry.

In fact, to find jobs in the cannabis industry is largely the same as finding jobs in any field. You need to research job openings, build your resume, make connections and take all the necessary steps to becoming a professional. These are the most important strategies for finding a job in the cannabis industry.

1. Getting Certified

For better or worse, employers in the modern cannabis industry deal with hundreds of applicants for every job listed online. It’s unlikely that hiring managers will spend a great deal of effort analyzing any particular resume. Instead, the resumes with the best keywords will pass through to the interview phase.

In traditional fields of business, popular industry certifications can make you a much stronger candidate. In the cannabis industry, that notion is multiplied ten-fold. The available options for learning about the marijuana business are limited, and most applicants send out resumes without gaining any formal training.

Most certificate programs are exclusive to states where recreational use is legal. Though enrolling in a program will require a significant investment of time and money, they cover the exact skills for breaking into the business.

2. Searching Job Boards

Certificates are certainly helpful, but marijuana jobs can be found without formal training. Popular job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor are filled with opportunities for all kinds of positions.

The types of jobs available in the industry are also expanding greatly. When people think of cannabis jobs, they typically think of the horticultural element of the industry. Searching on job boards, however, shows the depth of jobs that are available; social media manager, product consultant and hemp extractor are among a growing list of job titles in the industry. Regardless of your level of education, sending your resume in response to posts on these job boards can lead directly to interviews.

Here are a few links to get you started on your search:

3. Seek Out Specific Dispensaries

Narrowing the search to specific dispensaries is a great way to get your foot in the door at exciting new marijuana businesses. Before applying, aligning your resume and cover letter to the specific culture of a dispensary is a sure way to impress the hiring managers.

Dispensaries are likely to have websites and social media accounts that reflect their company mission. Connecting with these businesses offline can lead to bypassing the normal application process. However, some dispensaries may provide contact information on their website, and you can send an email to politely introduce yourself and express your interest in the company. This approach is far more personalized than a standard application on Google or Jobscore.

After sending an introductory email, follow up by visiting the dispensary. This will provide an opportunity for meeting the important people, seeing what the company is all about and convincing them that you’d be a valuable asset to the team.

4. Networking — Online and In-person

In some ways, the previous strategy is an introduction to this one. In addition to connecting directly with business owners and hiring managers, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the big names in your local cannabis scene (licensed businesses in your state, dispensaries, event promoters, local organizations, networking groups, etc.) and with even bigger names that are popular on the national scale like publications, celebrities and influencers.

Attending local meet-ups, workshops, and networking events is the simplest way to get face time with the leaders of your local scene. These events usually feature lectures from prominent voices, the revelation of new ideas and technology, a wide range of business opportunities and a place for like-minded people to share ideas.  Be sure to search your area for a Women Grow Chapter or other various cannabis associations to join and attend events.

The most important industry leaders nationally aren’t likely to be at smaller conventions, but they can all be followed online. These are the people to follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Their blog posts, videos and podcasts are great places to find talking points for upcoming interviews.

Despite a widespread misunderstanding of the industry at large, finding one of the many cannabis jobs is like finding a job anywhere else. Ultimately, the most important part about breaking into the industry is keeping the right mindset. It’s all about staying excited to meet new people, embrace new ideas, and claim your status as an expert in the field.

Please share any other tips you have for finding work in the cannabis industry in the comments section!


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