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Marijuana dispensaries have been around for ages but there are many more opening due to the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana use in several states. Of course, a pot shop cannot operate without a dedicated and knowledgeable staff. As a result, there are jobs being created to dispense cannabis to patients and recreational users. You may wonder what kind of jobs are there at a marijuana dispensary and what do dispensary jobs entail? Keep reading to learn more about the employment opportunities that a marijuana dispensary may offer.

Every dispensary needs an on-site cannabis expert who can explain the differences in strains of cannabis to the patients or customers. This position is known as a Budtender. This cannabis job is the equivalent to being a bartender in a pub or night club but normally with lots more information on how each strain will make you feel or how much of a high it might give you. A Budtender must know the product extremely well and be able to explain which strain will best serve the client’s needs. For medical patients, different strains may work better to alleviate different symptoms. Not only does a Budtender need to be able to recommend the best strain but also the method of delivery, and titration (dosage) for each individual’s needs.

Due to the need to work so closely with consumers, this position requires that the staff member be well groomed, knowledgeable, and very personable. Training is available through Budtending Seminars and Schooling, as well as location-specific training provided by the dispensary manager for new Budtenders.

A dispensary needs a leader; someone to coordinate all of the activities of the business. These responsibilities are assigned to the Dispensary Manager. Being a Dispensary Manager is a job that requires a person with great knowledge about business in general, in addition to marketing, employee training, product selection, and record keeping. The Dispensary Manager is responsible for staying abreast of all changes in local and state laws regarding the use or sale of pot for medical or recreational purposes. Another important responsibility of the Dispensary Manager is to be in contact with grow sites to order the correct types and amounts of product needed in their store. Product must be ordered in a manner which ensures the shop never run out, but never has too much so that the product becomes old before it is sold.

Cannabis jobs such as Marketing/Sales Representatives and Security Personnel are available at some pot shops. Marketing of the product is not allowed for medicinal shops, but for recreational sales locations a Marketing Rep may be needed for activities such as creating a unique logo and increasing recognition of the brand name. Many shops employ security personnel to check for proper identification/MMJ cards upon entry and to provide a safe, relaxing environment for clients and staff.

In the event that security personnel is not available to verify that each client possesses the proper credentials to purchase product, the responsibility may be shifted to an Accountant/Administrative position. In a large operation, the Accountant is responsible for the financial aspects of the business such as creating budgets, preparing the payroll, and paying taxes. The Administrative professional must manage patient records and verify identification and MMJ cards. In a small operation, these to positions may be covered by one person.

In large shops, some cannabis jobs that may be available are Extraction Technician and Edibles Chef. These positions are specialty jobs and require special training/schooling. An extraction technician is often able to create many types of concentrates and extracts. These concentrates may be used by the edibles chef to be infused into different kinds of yummy treats!

Eating and ingesting the concentrates is another method of dispensing the product besides smoking and may be useful for younger patients or those that do not wish to inhale the smoke. The edibles chef must first have training in the culinary arts and be able to create tasty treats. They can then move on to learn about adding cannabis to the tasty treats via butter or oils to be ingested by clients in order to reap the benefits of the pot plant.

What is your most coveted dispensary job? Or would you rather work at a grow site?  Or a edibles kitchen?  Share with us in the comments below!


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