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7 Ideas for a Cannabis-Infused St. Patrick’s Day

Anne-Marie March 16, 2018


Celebrating the Luck of the Irish with 7 Ideas for a Cannabis-Infused St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17 is this weekend, and it’s a time (and an excuse) for many people to gather together in revelry, whether they’re Irish or not. For many, St. Patrick’s Day is a day to let loose, and toss the rules of the world out for a bit, because… well, St. Patrick!

If you’re having a special St. Patrick’s Day celebration, or if you plan on spending the day of green at home, there are quite a few creative ways that you can infuse some of the luck of the Irish, and as much green as you can, into the day of libation.

cannabis st patricks day party

In honor of the luck of the Irish, here’s a list of lucky-7 ideas for your cannabis-infused St. Patrick’s Day:

Pot of Gold

If you’re lucky enough to be able to purchase legal cannabis, invite a group of friends over for a Pot of Gold celebration, where you all bring an eighth (or more) of your favorite cannabis strain. Toss it in a makeshift “Pot of Gold” and use the stash for your enjoyment all evening. At the end of the event, divide up the Pot and each guest can take home a slew of different strains, or have a contest to see who can take the whole pot of gold home – they’ll feel like they hit the jackpot.

Infused Irish Cooking

Irish stew, soda bread, sausage, beef and Guinness pie…. You can infuse any of your favorite Irish recipes with cannabis butter or cannabis oil that you have made at home or purchased from your local dispensary. Be sure your guests are aware of dosages, and space out the courses so your guests can thoroughly enjoy the benefits of each infused dish.

Green is the New Black

Green accessories will add some awesome décor and give you something beautiful to smoke with all year round. Visit your local cannabis accessories store and see what you can find in the way of bongs, rolling papers, pipes, or one-hitters that will keep the spirit of green going all night.

Get to Know Irish History

This may seem very nerdy, but if you’re someone who likes history and getting to know stories of how things came to be, Irish history has a lot to be discovered. From the ancient Celts to the folklore of the banshee and fairies, to the Irish Potato Famine, to the Easter Rising of 1916, to Bloody Sunday in the 1970s, Irish history is sad, but an interesting one that should be honored and explored. It’s easy to get into the annals of Irish history once you’re open to exploring it.

Explore Infused Beer

Everyone knows it’s tradition to enjoy a green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. Now cannabis-infused beers are hitting the market for people to enjoy and perhaps add a bit of green food coloring to on the big day. From General Washington’s Secret Stashed offered in Colorado to the west-coast Two Flowers IPA, small and large brewers are enjoying the benefits of hops, barley, and cannabis, and what happens when you combine the three.

Celebrate Irish Culture & Music

Irish culture and music have a lot to celebrate. Those who were children of the 90s may be happy to listen to some of The Cranberries, an Irish band who just lost their lead singer Dolores O’Riordan. The Pogues are often a hoot to listen to, and watch videos for, with Shane McGowan always proving why excessive alcohol and drug abuse isn’t good for you. Watch movies like the classic The Commitments which is guaranteed to make you laugh and boogie in your seat. Irish culture has a lot to offer and indulge in, and St. Patrick’s Day, and a little green, offers the best time to appreciate this important country.

Enjoy Good Craic

Good craic doesn’t refer to street drugs. Instead “craic” is a popular Irish term used to refer to fun, revelry, and joy. St. Patrick’s Day is all about fun, and cannabis and enjoying it with the people you love most is a sure-fire way to make you have lots of it.

Be creative in your celebrations for St. Patrick, and embrace the green spirit of this day. Have fun, be safe, and consume cannabis (and other substances like alcohol) responsibly!


Anne-Marie Fischer has been a lifelong writer and has found a full-time niche in cannabis writing and education since 2016. Originally from Sarnia, Ontario, Anne-Marie spent many years developing her academic craft, finally earning a Master of Education where data, information and learning became her focus. After spending a decade within research and higher education environments building research and engagement partnerships across the globe, she turned to full-time writing and education for the cannabis industry. Anne-Marie currently resides in Nanaimo, British Columbia. When she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out with her chihuahua and best friend Roky Rex.

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