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Medical Uses of Marijuana: What Are They and How Can They Help Me?

Trinity August 29, 2018

Medical Uses Of Marijuana

You may have been smoking marijuana for a while, not knowing whether it’s a drug that simply changes how you perceive reality or if there are benefits to consuming cannabis. Fortunately, there are lots of medical uses of marijuana that will likely make you want to continue using the pipe or another device that you use to consume cannabis on a regular basis. Many states are legalizing the use and sale of cannabis by businesses. There are limits on the amounts of how much you can buy, but states are finally seeing past the fallacies that marijuana is bad for the body and recognizing that there are more benefits.


If you have glaucoma, then marijuana can be used to treat the eye condition. It decreases the pressure that builds inside the eye, making it easier for you to see without as much strain. This can also decrease the number of headaches that you experience because of a lack of focus from the eyes. If the disease is slowed enough, then cannabis can help to prevent blindness in some people.


You’ve probably heard that the oils in marijuana can control seizure activity. This is one of the biggest medical uses of marijuana that you’ll see and one of the reasons why people started moving to states that began legalizing marijuana years ago. When you smoke marijuana, your body probably feels relaxed. The THC in cannabis can work to bind the nerve cells that are responsible for relaxation and excitability. Seizure activity often begins when these cells are stimulated to a point where they can’t be controlled, which is why marijuana helps with the disorder.

Controls Spread of Cancer and Side Effects

If you smoke marijuana on a regular basis, then you probably know that it increases your appetite and can help control pain. These are benefits for cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy and other treatments. Marijuana increases the appetite so that cancer patients can eat without getting sick. It controls nausea that they experience after treatments. Certain cancer cells and genes, such as the Id-1, are turned off by marijuana. This keeps the cancer cells from spreading in the body. While you might have to smoke cannabis on a daily basis, the benefit of cancer not spreading through your body or not dealing with the harsh side effects that are brought on by the treatments to get rid of cancer is worth the effort.

Calms The Nerves

There’s nothing like going home after a long day to smoke a small bowl of marijuana to relax the mind. It’s not like alcohol where you might get sick if you have too much. Cannabis calms your nerves and decreases your anxiety so that you can function while at home. Some people smoke before they go to work during the day so that they aren’t as anxious about dealing with people they work with. While this isn’t highly suggested for people who operate heavy machinery or who work in a skilled environment, there are some jobs where it might not be a big deal to smoke a small amount before leaving the house. Marijuana would keep you from relying on prescription drugs to control anxiety that are often addictive and that are usually expensive.


Since marijuana helps to control pain, it is known for controlling the pain associated with multiple sclerosis. The disease often causes painful contractions of the muscles that are sometimes unbearable. Medications sometimes don’t help with the pain that is experienced. However, marijuana attaches to the pain receptors in the brain and controls what is felt in the body. You might have to smoke the drug for a few days to see a complete effect, but it’s often a better scenario than relying on numerous medications that are manufactured in a laboratory.

Weight Issues

If you have trouble losing weight, then smoking marijuana might be the answer you need. Marijuana tends to speed up your metabolism and offers a healthier reaction to the sugars that you eat. Even if you do end up eating more after smoking, a higher metabolism can help in losing weight if you smoke on a regular basis.


Please comment below if you’ve experienced any of these conditions and benefited from cannabis.  Or if you know of any other medical uses of marijuana we would love to hear about it!


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