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Maintaining that Holiday High: My Cannabis Inspired New Year’s Resolutions

Becky December 28, 2018
  • Travel to Canada and US states where recreational cannabis is legal, and when possible, avoid venturing into states that still criminalize weed.
  • Get political. Advocate for social consumption in Oregon where I currently reside. Do my part to normalize the use of this plant for both medicinal and recreational purposes by going public with my cannabis consumption and continuing to write about my experiences
  • Don’t buy into the war on drugs culture by using the term marijuana (unless it’s part of an organization’s official name).
  • Retire Sativa and Indica from my vocabulary. Instead, seek out strains give me the kind of experience I am seeking.
  • Go organic and sustainable. Don’t use any products if I don’t know the details regarding where the particular cannabis or hemp is sourced.
  • Seek out products made by women and POC. Avoid ventures that seem to be making a small fortune without addressing those imprisoned for working in this industry before cannabis was legalized.
  • Be more mindful of my vape pen and stop leaving it at parties. (That’s a sign I may have gotten too stoned.)
  • It’s toy time! With all the devices out there, I will continue sampling different delivery devices in my search for new vaping and smoking experiences.
  • Improve my skills as a cannabis chef. Experiment with new recipes and dosages to create the meals that melt in my mouth and mellow my mood.
  • Resist the munchies. Have healthy snacks on hand so I don’t get that feeling of regret after downing that entire bag of gourmet popcorn cause I got really high ‘n’ hungry.
  • Be productive on pot. Experiment to find those strains and products that keep me focused and mentally alert, so I can get more work done.
  • Continue to experiment with topicals to see which products work best for my aching joints. I have my favorites, and I make my own cream. But with CBD products flooding the market, now’s the time to see which ones really do the job.
  • Pamper myself with CBD. Yes, a lot of the CBD products out there are more flash than functional. No matter who nice the product looks or feels, I will NOT use any CBD-hyped up product made with synthetic or low quality CBD or it contains way too little CBD in order to do diddly, or uses some product like hempseed oil that isn’t even CBD. But now is the time for me to sample the facial masks, body scrubs, conditioners, bath salts, and other wellness products to see which ones actually enable me to luxuriate into a ball of bliss.
  •  Incorporate cannabis more into my workout routine. Search out the more active strains and see how my workout improves whether I’m hiking, cycling, kayaking, or having a session with my personal trainer. Also, see if I have better results if I vape or take an edible. (For some reason, I don’t like capsules or tinctures. But to each their own.)
  • While I’m at it, incorporate cannabis into my meditation practice. What strains make me particularly chill so I can really be still and contemplate (without going to sleep of course).
  • Explore how cannabis can help me sleep at night. When I get restless, what strains will help me drift off into dreamland?


Becky Garrison is a freelance writer/storyteller based in Portland, OR. Follow her travels via twitter or Instagram @Becky_Garrison

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