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Video Tutorial: How to do a Dab

Marylyn February 4, 2018

Bobby Black, the Senior Editor of High Times Magazine, talks about how to do a dab and walks you through what equipment you need in this dab concentrate video.

What you need to do a dab:

A rig, a nail, a wand, a hand torch, can of butane, some alcohol wipes or a
rag, a bowl of water and some tongs (if you’re seasoning a new nail) and of
course some shatter or wax.

equipment you need to dab

Are you using a new dab nail?

If yes, then you’ll need to season it before the first use to avoid inhaling any harmful polish or residue on the metal.  To do this, you need to heat the nail with the torch until it’s glowing red.  Next, smear some wax all around over the head of the nail (if you don’t have any extra wax to burn water will work too).  Then, remove the hot nail carefully using the tongs and place it in the bowl of water.  Repeat this several times before placing the nail on your rig to use for inhalation.

cannabis dab on nail

Ready! How to do a dab

To do a dab, first scrape or scoop up a hits worth of concentrate with the wand.  Beginners should err on the side of caution and prepare a smaller dab until you know how much is good for you.

Next, heat the nail with the torch until it’s just starting to glow red.

Let it cool for about 10 seconds while you grab the dab you prepared earlier.

Begin to inhale slowly and smoothly as you gently touch the dab of concentrate to the nail.

When there’s no more wax on your dabber and the chamber is clear, exhale.

marijuana dabbing how to

After use – Keep your dab equipment clean!

You can clean your wand by heating the tip for a second or two then using a rag or alcohol swab to wipe it off.  If there’s any residual concentrate on the nail burn it off using the torch to prevent sticky build-up.


Marylyn is smart, fun, creative and loves to indulge in the finer things in life. It's MaryJane, but all grown up!

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